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By Chad Sebold /

Received a no heat call in Chaska, MN. I found that the furnace was wired incorrectly, and suggested an electrician wire the furnace the correct way so it was up to code. These pictures show this is NOT the correct way to install a furnace.wire a furnace

Not all HVAC contractors are expert electricians. Whether this was a do-it-yourself wiring or from someone who replaced the furnace, there was clearly a change that needed to be made to improve safety and effectiveness.

Chad Seboldadmin

I have 15 years of HVAC experience working with furnaces, air conditioners, humidifiers, air exchangers, boilers, air purification, etc. I am currently insured and bonded by the state of Minnesota and am NATE certified. Call me for help in Chaska and surrounding areas - (952) 679-0102.